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Anka Koziel Quartet | Tales of the Forest

By November 27, 20142008
  1. Wiosna (Spring)(F.Chopin/S.Witwicki)
  2. Spring Night (A.Koziel)
  3. Forest Tale (A.Koziel)
  4. Czerwone Jagody (Red Berry Blues) (traditional)
  5. Zlota Rybka (Goldfish)
  6. The Face I Love (M.Vale/R.Gilbert)
  7. Życzenie (The Wish) (F.Chopin/S.Witwicki)
  8. Prelude Cm (F.Chopin)
  9. Hej góral ci ja, góral (Hilly Billy Song) (trad.)

Anka Koziel – voice
Michal Vanoucek – piano
Brice Soniano – bass
Oriol Roca – drums

Release date: November 2008

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