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Eef van Breen Group | Changing Scenes

By November 21, 20142012
  1. Prelude to Salome’s Dance
  2. Salome’s Dance
  3. At the Fair
  4. The Change-over
  5. The Lake She Cried
  6. Kill That Bitch
  7. Siegfried and Odette
  8. Chapman’s Defeat
  9. Chapman For President
  10. Playing New York
  11. In My Shooting Range

Eva Tebbe – harp / vocals
Merel Junge – violin, trombone and vocals
Hadewych Hofland – violin and vocals
Geneviève Verhage – cello and vocals
Walter Wolf – piano, melodica, harmonium and vocals
Brice Soniano – bass
João Lobo – drums
Matthias Mooij – foley-artist, ukulele and vocals
Eef van Breen – flugelhorn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, vocals, glockenspiel and compositions
Ruben Samama – sounds and producer

Release date: 17 April 2012

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