The Hague is a city with a beautiful jazz scene. Some of Holland’s and Europe’s greatest musicians live and work in the city, and every year young musicians from all over the world come to The Hague to study here and join the jazz scene. All of these people, and many other renowned jazz musicians from all over, can be heard playing around town! Since November 2014 you can also find out about newly released records from The Hague based artists through this website!

This initiative was started to let live jazz and other improvised music lovers know what’s going on in The Hague. Our city has a lot to offer and everybody should be able to find out what! Under “calendar“, you can find all live jazz and other improvised music events that are taking place in the city. Under “places” you can find the map, with all the venues that have live jazz and other improvised music. Suggestions are always welcome!

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Read more about how events reach the calendar under “how it works“.

Harry van Reeken page

The original background picture was taken by Harry van Reeken. Here you can find more of his photos: http://www.haagsefotos.nl/