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Goodbye Live Jazz and Other Improvised Music in The Hague

By October 13, 2016News

After more than three years of running Live Jazz and Other Improvised Music in The Hague, the time has come to let go of the project. When I started, there was no dedicated local website for jazz and related music, but recently the website Jazz070 (and Facebook Page) has been launched, with municipal government support, and it not only provides an online gathering place for jazz events, but also provides the channels to get the information to a very wide audience, in The Hague and outside, in a visually attractive way as a part of the larger city marketing.

From the start, I have wanted to make the music that I love accessible to all, in- and outside of the established jazz scene, with everything I had in my power to do. I hope I have made a difference for some. My aim has not changed and has only become stronger, but my means to do so have changed. Please follow me on my personal Facebook page, through movabledodisc.com and facebook.com/movabledodisc if you are interested in my own musical journey and my search and research in the process of aurally understanding music.

In any case, now and for the future, accessibility of events to a wide audience all depends on venues announcing their events as early as they can and having their promotional material in order. I realize that on my website, gigs were sometimes added only a few days before they happened and there were no strict demands as regards content or language. I wish all venues keep their aim of programming live music in mind and do all they can to actively support their undertaking. If any venue needs help getting their content together for denhaag.com, I ask them to get in touch, and we can see how I can be of help in getting people to the venues’ programming with as little clicks as possible.

Again, I hope I was able to connect some people to the music, and I hope they will continue to find joy, comfort, and excitement in it, like I do myself.

Patricia Wisse