The calendar of livejazzinthehague is mainly based on the use of Facebook Events. Anyone can make an event for their concert or session and share it with the Facebook Page Live Jazz and Other Improvised Music in The Hague. From Facebook the events are exported to the Google Calendar of livejazzinthehague, and can be displayed on this website. The descriptions of the events are as entered by their organizers!

Getting your events in the calendar

Before you share your event, please take a look if it is not there yet!

The easiest way of getting your events in the calendar is through Facebook. Copy the url of the event page (for example:, then paste it in a message on the wall ( or in a private message. It will then appear in the calendar a.s.a.p.

If there’s no way you can use Facebook, please send an email to info(at) with your event details (title, date, start/end times, location, description) ready to be copied into the calendar!

Please take note:

  • All events for a certain week should ideally be in the calender before 10.30 on the Monday of that week, because
  • On Monday morning an overview with what’s in the calendar for that entire week is posted on the Page and sent as an email newsletter, so that people can look forward to what’s coming and make plans. The sooner you share your event, the longer people will be able to see it, so it really makes sense to share your events as early as you can!
  • Make sure your event is set to “public”!